mathgrant - Give Me an N! and Other Alleged Tunes

13 tracks, name your price

“This album contains 13 brand-new tracks created using the game WarioWare DIY for Nintendo DS. The title of this album (and of its title track) derives from an inside joke about the Pok√©mon card N, a staple of competitive decks: "Give me an N!" "N!" "What does that spell?" ". . . N!"” — mathgrant

E.L. Music - 110 Swing

16 tracks, $8 CAD

“An album composed of various electronic tunes with a swing beat, mostly at 110bpm. I've been working on this album since late 2015 and finally, it's ready for release! For more development info, all the songs have quirky descriptions you can read by clicking on them individually. The album has a set price, but if you like the album and want a couple tunes, give me a shout! I hope you enjoy :)” — Elisha Leenders

mathgrant - Dork Is Yes!

24 tracks, pay-what-you-want

“This entire album was created using the game "WarioWare DIY" for Nintendo DS, over the course of the years 2010 (when the game was fresh and new) through 2015 (one year after the shutting down of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection killed the game's online features). To this day, WarioWare DIY remains one of my favorite music creation tools, owing to its portability, simplicity in use (no need to enter hexadecimal numbers or worry about other complications), and variety of instruments ranging from pianos, guitars, 8-bit NES sounds, and even familiar sounds from Mario Paint. Whether you, like me, got this game shortly after it came out, or you've never even heard of it before, I hope you enjoy this compilation of music crafted from its eclectic collection of sounds.” — mathgrant

Goodbye Wi-Fi DIY

10 tracks, free download

5 artists bid farewell to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on the brink of its closure, using the DS music-making software that made good use of its features - WarioWare D.I.Y. - to craft their goodbye songs.

sirqueue - WWW

16 tracks, free download

Curating an obscure netlabel for obscure pieces of electronic music might not seem like a rewarding endeavor, but finding impressive works like WWW in my inbox has always been a treat. When sirqueue, a Helsinki filmmaker with two Warioware DIY albums already published on his Soundcloud, reached out to me asking if anyone was still making music with Warioware DIY, my interest was piqued. Since releasing the MEGA micromusic compilation and mathgrant's 30s30d in 2010, I had not heard of anyone working with this software in earnest. What I discovered upon playing the tracks was nothing short of extraordinary. sirqueue has apparently spent years honing his skills with the RecordMakerMatic, pushing it and bending it beyond what I ever thought possible, using only the raw sounds directly from the program. From the plucky arpeggiated bleeps of "Animals..." evoking Yoshi's Island or Fez to "Omar's Birch Basses" evolving slowly into a deranged swaying dancefloor stomp, you never know what's going to happen next on WWW. sirqueue's work serves not only as a shining example of what this program is capable of, but moreover, evidence of the following lesson: a great artist is not limited by their tools.

mathgrant - 30s30d: A Month's Worth of Composing

30 tracks, free or name-your-price

During the month of November 2010, mathgrant (AKA Grant Fikes) started and finished a project called "30 Songs in 30 Days", in which he challenged himself to compose one new song every day for 30 days. These are the 30 songs mathgrant made in those 30 days, including 19 NES chiptunes, 10 WarioWare DIY tunes, and 1 ImpulseTracker tune. If you choose to pay at least $1, Grant will send you the .FTM, .NES and .IT files for you to learn from.

MEGA micromusic

8 tracks, free

A collection of songs made entirely with Warioware DIY's Record MakerMatic, featuring a variety of artists and musical styles.